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The Brexit effects: To move or not to move?
  • Posted 16 Jan 19
The Brexit effects: To move or not to move?

If you’ve watched the news, read a newspaper or, you know, just been alive in the last few weeks you’ll know that the UK’s decision to leave the European Union is not exactly going smoothly. While negotiations are messy and the politicians on all sides argue about the course of action, the current plan remains for us to quit the Union on March 29th 2019. So how is the chaos at Westminster impacting the housing market?

Whilst we know that economic instability can sometimes play a part in a homeowners decision on whether to sell up or stay put, can the same be said for Brexit? Are homeowners also choosing to remain rather than move until the battle with Brussels is over? According to our latest research, it doesn’t seem so.

As part of our recent Annual HomeOwners survey, we asked homeowners who had considered a move but chosen not to what was behind their decision. While property prices and a lack of suitable homes were popular answers, just 11% said their decision to stay where they are was based on concerns over Brexit.

So what do the experts think? Should we be holding off on putting those ‘For Sale’ signs up until next summer by which time we will have, ahem, seamlessly left the EU? Or should we be carrying on regardless? Read more....


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