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Moving House Mistakes
  • Posted 16 Oct 19
Moving House Mistakes

Moving is a massive pain in the derriere. Well, the process of moving house at least. The end result is usually rewarding, what with the lovely fresh newness of your home. There’s also the exciting pondering over the soon to be new decor, discovering your new area and having friends round to show off your new digs. That’s all good and well, but, back to the main point..

The ACTUAL moving is a stress, an inconvenience and an overall disruption to your perfectly balanced and organised life (yeah right). With belongings to pack, removal companies to hire, contracts to sign and mortgages to finalise, it can be quite easy to overlook parts of your move, especially on Moving Day.

Here at IMG Removals, we have years of experience in the removals industry and know all too well the common mistakes that can occur on moving day. From leaving everything to the last minute, to doing everything yourself, these are the common mistakes that can be avoided when moving house.

  • Book a Bogus Company, Get a Bad Experience
  • Not Labelling Boxes
  • Not Decluttering Before Moving Day
  • Leaving Things to the Last Minute
  • Trying to do Everything Yourself

For those considering professional help, get a free quote from your trusted removal company and save up to 20% on your moving day costs. We can help you with any and all aspects of your move if needed – whether it be transit only, dismantling and reassembly of furniture, or even comprehensive packing services. Be smart and book your removal firm now.


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